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ucf, 209 records found, first 100 of them are:

1. Find And Replace v2.xx for MS-Access by UCF
2. LogoWizard v1.23 by UCF
3. Direct ISO v1.0 by UCF
4. Winsock v3.0a by UCF
5. WinMPG Video Convert v2.5 by UCF
6. Ad Popup Killer v4.0 by UCF
7. Pop-up Zero Pro v7.0 by UCF
8. Auction Informant v2.1.2 by UCF
9. SmartFormFiller v5.1.0 by UCF
10. DirectNet v1.0 by UCF
11. HTML Password Pro v1.1.0813 by UCF
12. Earobics v1.0c by UCF
13. Telix v3.50 DOS by UCF
14. DSpace v13 dor Windows by UCF
15. DSpace v1.3 Win by UCF
16. DSpace v1.3 dor Win by UCF
17. Drums Pro v2.0 by UCF
18. Text2GSM 2000 v3.0 by UCF
19. The Drums Pro v2.0 by UCF
20. The Drums Pro v2.0 Win95 by UCF
21. The Drums Pro v20 for Win95 n by UCF
22. The Reminder v1.3 Win95/NT by UCF
23. Dr. Hardware v4.51e by UCF
24. TransFer95 v2.10 Win95 by UCF
25. TransFer95 v210 for Win95 by UCF
26. Transoft Mail Control 3 (TranMail.ini) [Mail Info] Registered To=UCF '97
27. Trashtool v2.0 Win95 by UCF
28. TrashTool v20 for Windows 95 by UCF
29. On Target v1.0.0.11 by UCF
30. TrumPet WinSocket v3.0 by UCF
31. UHS Universal Hint System Reader v4.0 Dos by UCF
32. UHS Universal Hint System Reader v4.0 Win95 by UCF
33. UltraEdit v6.0 by UCF
34. UltraEdit32 v4.10a by UCF
35. Universal VESA VBE v5.2 SciTech Display Doctor by UCF
36. UniVersal VESA VBE v52 by UCF
37. UnProTect/DoS 42a v646 by UCF
38. UnProTect/DoS v4.2a v646 by UCF
39. VesaView +v66 for Dos by UCF
40. VesaView v6.2 by UCF
41. VesaView v6.2 1/2 by UCF
42. VesaView v6.6 by UCF
43. VesaView v6.6+ Dos by UCF
44. VesaView v62 for Dos by UCF
45. Visual DialogScript v2.01 by UCF
46. Visual DialogScript v2.01200-75592133 uSER by UCF
47. Vulcan Notes v2.22 Win95 by UCF
48. Web Express v2.0 by UCF
49. Web Page Creator v5.80 Win95 by UCF
50. WebImage v1.72 Win by UCF
51. WebImage v172 for Windows by UCF
52. Sound Gadget Pro v1.5.2 Win95 by UCF
53. GIF Construction Set v1.0 N32 bit. by UCF
54. GIF Construction Set v1.0 N 32 bit by UCF
55. Start Menu Changer v2.53 by UCF
56. EasySoft CD-Menu Generator v2.27 by UCF
57. StiLLeto v96b Win95 by UCF
58. Easy Global Mailer v2.0.3.1 by UCF
59. MemAnalyst v1.01 Win by UCF
60. Taskview v4.5 by UCF
61. TaskView v4.6 Win95 by UCF
62. Registery Search and Replace v2.10 w95 by UCF
63. Registry Search & replace v2.10 Win95 by UCF
64. WineXposeI/O +v200 by UCF
65. Report Generator v2.12 Win95 by UCF
66. PCXDUMP v9.30 by UCF
67. PCX-Dump v9.30 by UCF
68. PCX-DumP v9.3 6 by UCF
69. Revival v2.1 Final / Registered UCF
70. WinGate v1.3 for Windows 95 by UCF
71. WinGate v1.3 Win95 by UCF
72. WinGate v1.3.10 and v1.3.11 by UCF
73. PCDIP v1.0 by UCF
74. WinGate v13 for Windows 95 by UCF
75. Safety Net Pro v6.0 by UCF
76. PC Baby 98 v5.1.1 by UCF
77. WinImage +v2.5 for Windows 95/Windows NT 3 by UCF
78. WinImage +v2.5 for Windows 95/Windows NT 4 by UCF
79. ScanMos Easy Sticker v2.0a+ by UCF
80. Scitech Display Doctor v5.2 by UCF
81. Papyrus v2.11 by UCF
82. Pam v1.52 by UCF
83. WinScript v1.1 for Windows 95 by UCF
84. WinTex 2000 v1.0.0.22 by UCF
85. Snapshot v2.60 Beta 2 by UCF
86. RAR Archiver v2.x Win by UCF
87. RAR v2.x WIN 1B2608018B1A by UCF
88. Perfect Screens v10 for Windows by UCF
89. PKNLG v1.12+ by UCF
90. Pragme Systems TelnetDaemon for Windows by UCF
91. Pragme Systems TelnetDaemon for Windows NT by UCF
92. Pragme Systems TelnetDaemon Win NT by UCF
93. Picture Agent v2.6i by UCF
94. QRead v2.1 Win95 by UCF
95. Quake Spy v5.1 by UCF
96. Quake Spy v5.21 Win by UCF
97. Quant v1.0 Win95 by UCF
98. ACDNotes Pro v2.00 by UCF
99. Acdsee 95 all versions by UCF
100. ACDSee v1.0+2 Win95 by UCF

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