IRender nXt

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IRender nXt provides a powerful and versatile rendering tool for SketchUp users. It allows one to quickly create beautiful, photorealistic images from 3D models, using the advanced features of Separation Studio nXt.

IRender nXt is a product of Render Plus Systems Inc., the leader in high-end 3D rendering software for architects, interior designers, and professionals in many other design-oriented trades. The IRender nXt plug-in for SketchUp makes it easy for users to transform their models into professional renderings that look as good, if not better, than those created with expensive 3D rendering software.

Unlike many 3D rendering engines, IRender nXt is designed to make rendering fast and easy. It’s a plug-in that works within the SketchUp interface, so you can have immediate access to your 3D models and edit them on the fly while rendering. It also uses cutting edge technology to render your 3D models in real-time, allowing you to make changes quickly and easily, and see the results right away.

IRender nXt is built on Separation Studio nXt, which makes it possible to render photorealistic images in minutes rather than hours. By using advanced features, it’s possible to produce stunning renderings with high levels of detail and realism. It even includes features such as bump mapping, light mapping, and environment mapping, which can all be used to add even more realism to your renderings.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use rendering solution for your SketchUp projects, IRender nXt is an excellent choice. It’s fast and intuitive, and with its powerful features, you can quickly produce beautiful photorealistic images from your 3D models. Using Separation Studio nXt, it’s possible to take your projects to the next level and have them looking better than ever before.

Last updated: 2017-12-18

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