Adobe After Effects 2021

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Adobe After Effects 2021 is the latest version of the powerful motion graphics and compositing software for the creative professionals. This release features the new CEPHtmlEngine, which greatly improves the creative possibilities for motion graphics. The CEPHtmlEngine is built from Adobe CEP HTML Engine technology, and provides users with a more efficient and feature-rich way to create and animate graphics.

The CEPHtmlEngine works within the After Effects GUI, allowing creators to dynamically link clips, images, and elements for further effects and animation. Its new features include support for 3D, 3D shadows, reflections, and motion tracking. There are also tools for creating motion path animations, applying transitions, and color-grading. Additionally, Adobe After Effects 2021 includes a new Camera Layer node, which allows users to access camera layers in 3D scenes.

Other powerful features of Adobe After Effects 2021 include the new Animator panel, which provides an efficient way to create complex animations, and a new Expressions editor, which allows users to write code to animate objects. The particle system has also been updated to support 3D particles, and there are fewer GPU limitations compared to previous versions. Projects can now be easily shared online with Creative Cloud integration.

Overall, Adobe After Effects 2021 is an impressive upgrade from the previous version, with new features that make motion graphics and compositing more efficient. The inclusion of the CEPHtmlEngine, built from Adobe CEP HTML Engine technology, provides a more powerful and creative user experience. Creatives are sure to find something new and exciting in the latest release of After Effects.

Last updated: 2022-06-24

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