Kirby Super Star Ultra

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Kirby Super Star Ultra is a video game released by Nintendo in 2008 for the Nintendo DS. It is an enhanced port of the classic 1996 SNES game, Kirby Super Star. In this game, Kirby embarks on a quest to obtain the powerful artifact known as Milkyway Wishes. This quest involves gathering a variety of items and battling numerous foes, including a few bosses from the original game.
milkyway wishes
how to unlock milky way wishes

Milkyway Wishes is a special reward that can be unlocked in Kirby Super Star Ultra. To do so, Kirby must first collect all the items needed to access the stage and then defeat all the bosses in the game. Once completed, Kirby must then battle the final boss, Warzone Error Code Spring Wind. Upon defeating it, Kirby will be rewarded with Milkyway Wishes, which grants him the power to save his home planet Dream Land.
kirby super star milky way wishes

Kirby Super Star Ultra also features several ROM hacks that allow players to customize their experience. These hacks can range from changing the color scheme of the game, to adding new levels and bosses, or even unlocking new items and upgrades. Through these hacks, players can explore new possibilities and enjoy a more unique gaming experience.

Kirby Super Star Ultra is an excellent game for those looking to experience the classic Kirby gameplay with updated graphics and new content. The ability to unlock Milkyway Wishes is an enticing reward and the ROM hacks offer a great way to customize the game. Those interested in playing Kirby Super Star Ultra should definitely give it a try.

Last updated: 2023-04-27

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