Bugsnax (v2.0.64350)

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Bugsnax (v2.0.64350) is an aptly-named adventure game developed by Young Horses and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released on November 12, 2020 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The central premise of Bugsnax is to capture and befriend unique creatures known as ‘Bugsnax’, each with their own properties and behaviors. The game was met with positive reviews for its imaginative design, humorous writing, and satisfying gameplay loop.
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For those that already own the game, there’s a free update available for download. The new version, labeled ‘Bugsnax 2’, adds several new bugsnax, items, locations, and a sizable endgame content. The centerpiece of the update is the ‘Isle of Bugsnax’, a large island filled with puzzles and secrets. The addition of the Isle of Bugsnax encourages players to explore the game's world further and make more meaningful progress. It's also important to note that all of the content that has been added with the update is completely free of charge.
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In addition to the free update, a new Bug Snax DLC called ‘Bug Snax Game Pack’ has been released. The pack includes three additional bug species, over 60 new items, and an all-new glitch-themed location. It can be purchased stand-alone or bundled with the newly released content. It extends the Bugsnax experience, allowing the players to capture ever-more-mysterious Bugsnax and expand their Snaktooth Island adventures.

Finally, Sony has announced a special bonus for those who own both the Bugsnax base game and the ‘Bug Snax Game Pack’: The ‘Bugsnax Free DLC’. This exclusive content features a handful of exclusive items and customization options, including costumes, lures, two special species of bug, and more. It may not add too much to the main game, but it's a nice way to show appreciation for the players who own the base game and DLC in one bundle.

All in all, the updates to Bugsnax (v2.0.64350) have done a great job to expand the game's content and make it more enjoyable. The free update and the ‘Bug Snax Game Pack’ provide much-needed endgame content, and the ‘Bugsnax Free DLC’ is a nice bonus for those who bought the bundle. Those who haven’t already tried the game can also grab it for free as part of the ‘Bugsnax Free’ offer. With so much content on offer, there’s plenty of reasons why Bugsnax should be on your radar.
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