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NCAA Football ‘99 is one of the most beloved and classic sports video games. It is widely loved for its realistic graphics, deep play modes and challenging yet rewarding AI. Of course, many players also turn to it for cheats and hacks to make the game easier for them. Fortunately, there are plenty of NCAA Football ’99 cheats available for players to take advantage of. The most popular cheat is "ncaa/activate”. This cheat code allows players to unlock all of the teams, stadiums and bonus features in the game. Players simply have to enter this code at the game's main menu and they will be able to enjoy a much more expansive version of NCAA Football '99.

Another useful NCAA Football ‘99 cheat is the ability to unlock a team specific football jersey and helmet. All players need to do is enter the appropriate team code while playing the game and they will get access to the desired jersey and helmet. There are codes available for each of the teams and these can be found online or in various gaming forums. Once the team code is entered, the player is free to choose from any of the jerseys and helmets available for their team.

The third popular NCAA Football '99 cheat is the ability to customize the AI's playing style. This feature gives players the ability to tweak the AI's strategies and tendencies so that they can create a unique experience for themselves. To do this, players simply have to enter the “tweakai” cheat code followed by a number from 0-9. The higher the number, the more aggressive the AI will be in their playing style. This feature is great if players want to create a truly challenging and custom experience.

Fourthly, players can use the “ncaa/activate” cheat code to unlock hidden features. By entering this code, players can gain access to a variety of features such as special team uniforms, bonus content, secret plays and much more. These features can really help players to customize their experience and make the game more enjoyable.

Finally, the last cheat code for NCAA Football '99 is the “superstats” code. This code allows players to view their stats for every single game they have played. This includes the number of touchdowns, interceptions and yards scored. This is a great way for players to track their progress and compare their performance against other gamers.

Overall, NCAA Football '99 offers a wide range of cheats and hacks to enable players to customize their experience. Whether it's unlocking hidden features with “ncaa/activate” or tweaking the AI's playing style with the “tweakai” code, there are plenty of ways to use cheats to make the game more enjoyable. With these cheats, players should have no trouble creating a truly unique and fun experience.

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