East West Quantum Leap – Symphonic Choirs (KONTAKT)

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East West Quantum Leap – Symphonic Choirs (KONTAKT) is the ultimate virtual instrument and one of the industry's most advanced and powerful vocal choirs. This package includes the acclaimed choirs of East West, including Dominus Choir Pro, East West Choir VST, and East West Symphony Orchestra series.
dominus choir pro
east west choir vst

The Dominus Choir Pro is a professional level vocal choir sampled with over 160 individual chant samples, including soloists and masterlevel choral recordings. With over 1,000 lines and phrases, the Dominus Choir Pro is one of the most complete choirs available anywhere. It features professional vocal recordings captured in high-end studios and recorded directly from an audio console. It also includes an advanced scripting language that allows users to control, play, and sequence choirs as needed.

The East West Choir VST is a virtual instrument that is based on multi-sampled recordings of the London Symphony Orchestra chorus. With over 10 software presets, the East West Choir VST offers flexibility and power that allows users to go beyond basic choral arrangements. The software also includes a comprehensive array of effects, including reverb, delay, chorus, and more.

Finally, East West Quantum Leap – Symphonic Choirs (KONTAKT) includes the East West Symphony Orchestra series. This series is an expansion of the Choir VST that features full orchestral sounds and samples, allowing users to create dynamic and detailed classical-inspired music.

East West Quantum Leap – Symphonic Choirs (KONTAKT) is an incredibly powerful virtual instrument for creating realistic sounding choirs and orchestral pieces. With a combination of recorded choirs from Dominus Choir Pro, the East West Choir VST, and the East West Symphony Orchestra series, users can create realistic sounding musical pieces that sound like those created by some of the world's greatest symphonic conductors.

Last updated: 2023-04-27

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