Rivals of Aether (v2.1.5.3 & ALL DLC)

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Rivals of Aether is a fast-paced, tournament-ready fighting game which features a variety of characters from across the Fables spectrum. It was released in 2017 and has seen a steady stream of updates since. With the latest version, v2.1.5.3, fans now have access to the bulk of the content available for the game.
free rivals of aether
rivals of aether for free

The core game is available for free, and all of the content in the game can be accessed without charge. This includes arena battles, single player options and in-game events. It also includes an expansive workshop, which allows players to create and customize their own fighters.

The game is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch. Modding is available on PC, Mac and Linux, but not on the Switch - though the switch port includes all the workshop content. There's also a lively scene of mod makers online, with customised moves and characters.
rivals of aether free

If you're looking to make your own Rivals of Aether mods, the best way is to join the Sunday Rivals Mods group on Discord. Here, you'll find a range of modding tutorials and advice from experienced modders. There's also a range of resources to help you get started.

Rivals of Aether is the perfect game for anyone looking for challenging, fast-paced fighting. The game's free to download, has an expansive workshop and a wide range of mods available. Plus, with the recent update, all the content is now available without charge, so you can get into the game without breaking the bank. So why not get involved in the fray, and start your Rivals of Aether journey today!

Last updated: 2023-04-26

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