VideoHive – Jurassic Animals–Children’s Dinosaur Slideshow [AEP]

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Are you looking to create an exciting dinosaur video for your kids that will leave them wanting more? Look no further than the VideoHive Jurassic Animals–Children’s Dinosaur Slideshow [AEP]. This high-quality Adobe After Effects project file is the perfect solution for taking your children on a magical journey through prehistory.
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This creative template includes a dinosaur movie with over 25 scenes. It’s easy to make changes and customize this project based on your needs. Whether you want to use 3D dinosaurs or build a two-dimensional animation, this template offers endless possibilities.

The Jurassic Animals–Children’s Dinosaur Slideshow includes a library of dinosaur videos, kids photos, and audio clips. There is also an extended toolkit featuring high resolution dinosaur images and other elements, such as dinosaurs and vector shapes. This will give you the ability to create your own unique and colorful visuallayouts and animatios. This slideshow is filled with fun, vibrant imagery that will captivate and entertain your kids for hours on end.
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For those of you who prefer to watch and learn, VideoHive offers free dinosaur videos on YouTube. The wide variety of dinosaurs from episodes to extended scenes will provide your children with an opportunity to explore the prehistoric world. These dinosaur videos for kids feature different species of dinosaurs such as Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Allosaurus and Stegosaurus.

The dinosaur kids video also comes with a high resolution and quality image package full of dinosaurs, environment photographs and different elements. You can customize your dinosaur photos with these HD images without ever worrying about quality loss.

Lastly, VideoHive provides an audio library which includes an array of royalty-free dinosaur-themed soundtracks. Children will be mesmerized by the unique sound effects and be able to experience the might of these long-gone creatures. The sounds and visuals will blend together to create a magnificent and exciting dinosaur video experience!
dinosaur videos youtube

The VideoHive Jurassic Animals–Children’s Dinosaur Slideshow [AEP] is the perfect choice for creating a dinosaur movie for your kids. From HD dinosaur images to a full set of soundtracks and a library of dinosaur videos on Youtube, you will be able to create the perfect dinosaur movie your kids are sure to enjoy.

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