Gex: Enter the Gecko Cheats For Nintendo 64

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Gex: Enter the Gecko was one of the most popular platform games for the Nintendo 64 console. With its unique and colorful characters and levels, Gex 64 provided hours of game entertainment for players who wanted something a little different from the usual run of racing, sports and fighting games. But if you wanted to get the most out of the game, you needed the right Gex: Enter the Gecko cheats for Nintendo 64.
gex n64
gex nintendo 64

The most basic cheat that players used was the "Rez" cheat. This allowed players to jump over difficult levels and skip straight to the end of the game. To activate this cheat, players had to enter "GEX Rez" into the game's code entry screen. This cheat could be used on any difficulty level, making it ideal for those wanting to beat the game quickly or just see what lay at the end of the adventure.
gex 64

Another way to beat the game quickly was to use the "Rex" cheat. This enabled players to control time in the game, allowing them to speed up or slow down certain sections. The Rex cheat could also be used to make certain objects on the screen disappear, helping players get through tricky sections without having to worry about anything getting in their way. To activate this cheat, players had to type "GEX Rex" into the code entry box.

However, some of the best cheats for Gex: Enter the Gecko were the ones that allowed players to unlock secret levels and items. These cheats included the "GEX N64" cheat, which allowed players to access previously undiscovered levels, and the "GEX Nintendo 64" cheat, which unlocked bonus content such as extra skins and costumes. In order to activate these cheats, players had to enter the codes into the game's code entry screen.
n64 gecko game

Finally, there were the "GEX Gecko" and "GEX 64" cheats. These cheats allowed players to change the color of Gex's skin, as well as his outfit, giving players more freedom to customize their character to suit their own style. To activate these cheats, players had to enter "GEX Gecko" and "GEX 64" into the code entry screen.

These are just some of the Gex: Enter the Gecko cheats for the Nintendo 64. While they won't give players an advantage in terms of gameplay, they do provide a great way to add a bit of fun to the experience. With these cheats, players can explore the world of Gex: Enter the Gecko in ways that they never thought possible. So, if you're looking for a way to spice up your next playthrough, why not give these cheats a try?

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