Laplink PCmover Professional 2020

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Looking for the perfect tool for transferring all your data from one computer to another? Then look no further than Laplink PCmover Professional 2020 – the only PC migration software that has everything you need to move to a new Windows device. It enables a direct connection between two computers to quickly start the migration of data, settings, and applications without any additional hardware, network cable, or extra software.
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Using Laplink PCmover Professional 2020, you can quickly and easily move from one PC to another. It allows you to select exactly which files, folders, and settings should be transferred, as well as selectively move only the ones you want. Plus, it also supports the Laplink Express cloud-based connection for simple and secure transfer of data over the internet. The Laplink Download Manager makes it easy to get started and get your new PC quickly up and running with your programs and files.
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For those looking for a budget version of the software, Laplink offers PCmover Express – the fastest, most secure way to move files, programs, settings and user accounts from an old PC to a new Windows 10 PC. The Express version is a great choice for users who don't need all the features of the Pro version.

Whether it’s PCmover Professional 11 or PCmover Express, Laplink PCmover is the way to go if you need to quickly and safely transfer your data from one PC to another. Its exhaustive features, easy installation, and quick setup make it the go-to option for PC moving. It also comes with a PC Mover Pro 24-hour support line, just in case you're stuck.

So if you’re looking for a powerful and reliable tool for moving your data, Laplink PCmover Professional 2020 is the ultimate choice. With its robust features, easy setup, and the Laplink Download Manager, transferring your data from one PC to another has never been easier. Try it and see for yourself!
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Last updated: 2023-04-27

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