Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness Cheats For PC

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Players of the game Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness have been searching for cheats and tips to get further in the game. As a tower-building game, there are many levels to complete, and some require extra help. There are several cheats that can be used to make progress in Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness on PC.

The first cheat is called the tower swap cheat. This cheat allows players to change the order of their towers by swapping them with one another. This can be helpful in certain levels that require specific arrangement of towers. Players can also use this cheat to move their towers without having to pay the cost associated with moving them.

Another cheat is the queen of darkness crown cheat. This cheat will give the player an extra boost by giving them the power of the queen of darkness crown. This crown will increase the power of their towers, allowing them to destroy their enemies more quickly. Additionally, it will grant them bonus gold coins when they defeat an enemy.

A third cheat is the instant build cheat. This cheat gives players the ability to instantly build any tower they choose. This is incredibly useful as it saves time and allows players to quickly finish levels. It also allows players to build towers in places they wouldn't otherwise be able to reach.

Finally, players can use the infinite resources cheat. This cheat gives the player an unlimited supply of resources such as coins, wood, iron and food. This is useful for those who want to quickly upgrade their towers without having to worry about running out of resources.

All in all, there are several cheats available for Queen's Quest: Tower of Darkness on PC. The tower swap cheat, the queen of darkness crown cheat, the instant build cheat and the infinite resources cheat can all be used to give players a much needed advantage while playing the game. With these cheats, players can easily complete levels, upgrade their towers and get closer to their goal of defeating the queen of darkness.

Last updated: 2023-04-27

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