Lego City Undercover (Incl. Update 2)

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Lego City Undercover is a unique and popular open world video game developed by TT Fusion for multiple platforms, including the PC. It is the first Lego game to employ an entirely original story line and characters. The game follows undercover cop Chase McCain as he attempts to solve crimes and rescue the citizens of the fictitious Lego City from an evil crime wave. A notable feature of the game is its mixture of third-person shooter and sandbox open world elements, similar to the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series.
lego city undercover pc
lego city undercover 2 pc

The game was well received upon its release, gathering mostly favorable reviews. It would later receive an update that added various features, including while additional story missions, gang hideouts, character customization and new cars. This update also introduced a new mode, Lego City Undercover 2 PC, that allowed players to race around the city in their favorite vehicles.

Lego City Undercover has often been compared to the Grand Theft Auto series, and the similarities between the two have given rise to the term 'Lego GTA.' So, what is Lego GTA? Basically, it is a digital world modeled after a real-life city, complete with missions to complete, characters to interact with and an open-world sandbox to explore.
lego gta

Players will find lots to do in Lego City Undercover. In addition to the robbery, hijacking and theft related gameplay, there are a variety of side activities such as collecting random items, fishing, racing and even yoga. Those looking for a bit of classic Grand Theft Auto-style action can switch to Lego City Undercover 2 PC and enjoy the thrill of hijacking AI-controlled cars and committing robberies.

Whether you're a fan of Lego or Grand Theft Auto, Lego City Undercover allows you to get the best of both games. With its unique spin on the open world genre, it's a great way to let loose, have fun, and get a bit of criminal activity on the side. So if you're looking for some entertainment, why not give Lego City Undercover a try? I be playing Lego GTA on Steam, so join me in the Lego world of crime and adventure!

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