Snowboard Kids 2 Cheats For Nintendo 64

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If you’re looking for cheats to get an edge in the classic N64 game Snowboard Kids, then look no further! This snowboarding-themed racing game was first released in 1997 and is still a favorite among fans of through ice and snow board games. Those who loved it as a kid can now use some helpful Snowboard Kids 2 cheats to make their game time even more enjoyable.
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snowboard kids n64

The main characters from the first Snowboard Kids game are back and ready to rock the slopes. The four main characters include Jam, Nancy, Tina, and Woody, all of whom are dressed up in colorful snowboarding halloween costumes. Players can choose from six tracks during each race, as well as battle mode for two players. Utilize the Snowboard Kids 2 cheats to help make your experience even better.
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One way to gain an advantage over the competition is to use the "Rumble Pack" cheat. This allows the player to turn on the rumble feature, which vibrates the controller whenever the character hits something while snowboarding. Another helpful cheat is "Backwards Mode". This reverses the controls so that left and right are switched, making it more difficult to maneuver the character.

The "Slow Motion" cheat is great for when you want to take your time and explore the track at a leisurely pace. Finally, the "No Walls" cheat lets you go through any wall or obstacle without taking damage. Get creative and combine these Snowboard Kids 2 cheats to create unique ways to play the game.

For those who want to customize their character's appearance, there are several different cheats that allow customization. Use the "Change Outfit" cheat to change what each character is wearing. Similarly, the "Change Color" cheat changes the color of each character's outfit. You can also give each character a helmet with the "Helmet On" cheat.
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For the competitive players out there, the "All Tracks" cheat unlocks all the tracks in the game at once. With this cheat, you can mix up which tracks you're competing on during each race. Additionally, the "All Riders" cheat unlocks all the characters and gives you access to AI riders. Compare your skills against the computer opponents and see who comes out on top.

Finally, the most powerful Snowboard Kids 2 cheat is the "Infinite Items" cheat. This cheat gives you infinite items and power-ups throughout the game. Whether you're playing alone or against friends, this cheat will give you an undeniable advantage.

There you have it - all the Snowboard Kids 2 cheats you need to get ahead in the game. Put on your snowboarding halloween costume, grab your N64 and Snowboard Kids game, and show off your tricks on the slopes.

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