Nba Live 2005

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NBA Live 2005 is a basketball video game that was released by EA Sports in 2004. This was the tenth installment in the NBA Live series and was released for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and PC platforms. The game was the first in the franchise to feature an extensive soundtrack, with over twenty original songs by various artists. It was also the first NBA Live title to feature an in-depth franchise mode, and was the first in the series to be released for the Xbox and GameCube.

NBA Live 2005 featured the usual gameplay modes such as Exhibition, Season and Playoff modes. It also introduced the All-Star Weekend mode, where gamers can compete in the Three-Point Shootout, Dunk Contest and the All-Star Game. Additionally, players could choose between various camera angles, including the Dynasty Cam which gave an overhead view of the court and allowed gamers to get a better view of the entire play.

One interesting feature of the game was the Freestyle Control System, which allowed gamers to pull off unique moves that had never before been seen in a basketball title. Another interesting feature was the EA Sports Bio, which stored players' performance history and allowed gamers to track their career across various platforms.

Overall, NBA Live 2005 was a major success, selling over five million copies across all platforms. The game featured good graphics, responsive controls, and a wide variety of game modes that kept gamers entertained for hours. The most popular version was the PC version, which allowed gamers to play with both the keyboard and mouse. The game also ran smoothly on most mid-range system configurations.

NBA Live 2005 is still a popular basketball title amongst hardcore gamers, even 14 years after its initial release. Whether you’re looking for an immersive gaming experience on your PC, or just want some nostalgia-filled fun, NBA Live 2005 is the way to go.

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