ΔV: Rings of Saturn (v0.599.2 & ALL DLC)

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ΔV: Rings of Saturn (v0.599.2 & ALL DLC) is an addictive, sci-fi themed, space exploration game. The game's many levels offer players the opportunity to explore distant planets, asteroids and moons, in a quest to save humanity from a sinister AI. Players control their ship’s trajectory, warp from one planet to the next, build and upgrade ship parts and weapons, and engage in tactical space battles.
dv rings of saturn
delta: rings of saturn

This exciting game from indie developer Fringe Planet Games was created using the Unity3D game engine and is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. ΔV: Rings of Saturn allows for online and local multiplayer gaming, in both single and team-based modes. The game also offers an extensive campaign mode and procedurally generated levels, as well as a variety of downloadable content (dlc).
dv: rings of saturn

The original ΔV: Rings of Saturn came out back in 2013, but Fringe Planet Games has continued to update the game, adding new features and content as they go. The latest version, ΔV: Rings of Saturn (v0.599.2 & ALL DLC) includes all six dlc packs and the most recent season's updates. The dlcs offer a host of new content, including 3 new marine classes, 10 challenging space battleships, 10 difficult PvE map levels, and a breathtaking new planet at the end of the Space Run.

ΔV: Rings of Saturn is a beautifully crafted, tantalizingly engaging game. Among its many attractive features, the game captures its mysterious sci-fi theme unerringly, with detailed 3D graphics ensuring a truly immersive experience. Addictive game play and an engaging story-line make it an easy game to get lost in for hours. ΔV: Rings of Saturn (v0.599.2 & ALL DLC) offers players a truly wonderful blend of strategy and action that nobody should miss.
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