Family Tree Maker 2017

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Are you searching for the perfect tool to help you create your family tree? Look no further than Family Tree Maker 2017. This comprehensive family tree tracking software offers an array of features designed to help you organize your family history. With the new 2017 version, you can easily download and install the program right away.
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Once you install the latest version of Family Tree Maker 2017, you can begin to easily input family information, up to seven generations. This software allows you to enter photos, facts, and specific family details in the user-friendly fields. You can also view a vibrant family tree diagram on the main page which shows the names and relationships of all the family members saved within the program. To make it easier to track your family history, Family Tree Maker 2017 provides automatic filtering options to help you quickly locate ancestors.

The newest version also allows for web-based collaboration. This makes it easy to share entries and photos within your family tree with other family members. You also have the option to share a free version of your family tree online with various social media outlets. To ensure your family tree data is secure, you can use a password protection feature that encrypts all of your family information.

Family Tree Maker 2017 also offers a wide array of additional features. These include a variety of charts, maps and reports that help you visualize and track your family history. Additionally, with the Genealogy Basics Wizard you can help guide you in creating your family tree. The feature-rich new version also provides advanced research tools such as the ability to access online records to help deepen your research.

Now, it is easier than ever to track your family history with Family Tree Maker 2017. Download the latest version today to help you easily create your family tree.

Last updated: 2023-04-27

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