Oxygen Not Included (v544793 & ALL DLC)

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Oxygen Not Included (v544793 & ALL DLC) is a popular construction and management simulation video game developed and published by Klei Entertainment. The game has been available on Steam since its official release in July 2017 and has since gained an established and dedicated following of users. In Oxygen Not Included, it is the player's task to gather resources, build and manage a colony of Dupe characters, and survive on a distant alien planet.
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The main game of Oxygen Not Included is currently available as a purchase from the Steam platform, with its accompanying DLCs being offered as additional in-app purchases. Is Oxygen Not Included free? Unfortunately not - however, the original game has been part of several bundles and offers quite often, so it's always good to keep an eye out for discounts. Despite its cost, the game is certainly worth the initial investment for anyone looking for an interactive, immersive and rewarding sim game experience.
oxygen not included free

One of the great advantages of Oxygen Not Included is that it allows for multiplayer game modes. Squad up with your friends and strive to build an alien underground compound in harmony – or chaos. Unfortunately, there are currently no dedicated servers available – however, if you have a copy of the game yourself, you can easily host your own game and invite friends directly through your Steam Network.

For the more daring (or more experienced players), the game has access to a wide variety of Oxygen Not Included mods. Most of these are created and hosted independently, either through official Klei Entertainment modding sites, or unofficial modding sites like the Oni Mods website. These mods range from complete juggernaut overhauls to new and improved structures to customized versions of the original game - and provide an added level of challenge and entertainment for any user.

Although not required for the game, there are also a number of helpful Oxygen Not Included guides out there. These guides provide useful strategies and walkthroughs for those struggling with the game, or for those who are looking to up their game. With 2021 just around the corner, these guides will no doubt become increasingly useful in the coming months - although new updates and expansions regularly become available, meaning that they need to be kept up to date to remain relevant.
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In short, Oxygen Not Included (v544793 & ALL DLC) is an immersive and challenging game, and with the right strategy, resources and a bit of luck, your colony of Dupe characters can survive and thrive on their distant alien home. While it is not available for free, there are regular offers and bundles available that bring the cost down – and with its numerous updates, mods, and helpful guides, Oxygen Not Included will be providing an immersive sim experience for years to come.

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