GONNER2 (v1.1.8.2)

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GONNER2 (v1.1.8.2) is an indie roguelike game developed by Art in Heart and released on Steam in 2020. It’s a sequel to the critically acclaimed GONNER, and it builds on the original's foundation of exploration, platforming and boss battles. The new version of GONNER2 brings with it a whole host of new features, enemies and surprises. In the game, you play as Ikk, a skull-headed protagonist who has to traverse a massive procedurally generated world filled with danger and creatures. To survive, you must use your agility and firepower to overcome obstacles and enemies. As you progress through the game, you can upgrade your character with special abilities and equipment such as sword upgrades, a grappling hook and a trusty steed. With its unique style, vibrant visuals and intense gameplay, GONNER2 is sure to be a hit with fans of roguelike games.

Most roguelikes feature randomly generated levels, but GONNER2 takes the concept further with its combination of procedural generation and handcrafted level design. This means that each playthrough offers a unique experience, as no two runs are the same. On top of this, the game also features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique attributes, weapons and abilities. You can even recruit these characters to join your party and fight alongside you. This makes for a more immersive and varied experience, as you can customize your team to fit your strategy.

GONNER2 also introduces a new “skill tree” system, which allows you to select from a variety of skills, perks and upgrades to boost your character's stats. These can range from increasing your health points, to making your weapons more powerful and improving your overall performance. This adds an interesting layer of depth to the game, and gives you the opportunity to customize your character to your own playstyle.

The game comes with plenty of exciting content to explore too. Alongside the main quest, there are various side quests and challenge modes to keep you entertained. You can even take part in the Daily Challenges to test your skills, and compete with other players for an extra challenge. Additionally, GONNER2 includes multiple endings, so you can play through the game again to discover all of them.

Overall, GONNER2 is an excellent sequel to the original GONNER, and it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment for roguelike fans. With its new features, characters and skill tree system, GONNER2 is a great addition to the genre. So if you’re looking for a challenging game with plenty of replay value, then GONNER2 is definitely worth checking out.

Last updated: 2023-08-07

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