DRAGON BALL FighterZ (v1.31 & ALL DLC)

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Dragon Ball FighterZ (v1.31 & ALL DLC) is the latest fighting game based on the popular manga and anime series. A groundbreaking project that takes the beloved shōnen heroes into the realm of a strategic fighter, this game has taken the community by storm since its launch. It's easy to see why: with some of the most detailed and faithful graphics found in a fighting game, along with intuitive and balanced combat mechanics that are both easy to learn and deeply satisfying to master, Dragon Ball FighterZ is an instant classic.

For those looking for a challenge, the game offers several customisable game modes, including team battles, single-player tournaments, and online play. Additionally, there are plenty of unlockable characters, upgrades and stages to help keep the game fresh. With no shortage of content, everyone can find a way to enjoy Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Players can experience it for free, as Dragon Ball FighterZ is now available to download. From its official website, one can find direct links to the game and even a guide to its features. Players can also download the game from other sources, like the Steam store, which offers the game in its entirety, including all DLC in return for a one-time fee. Additionally, there are plenty of people providing Dragon Ball FighterZ torrents, so those looking to experience the game without spending money can take advantage of that.

Of course, the game's experience would not be complete without the inclusion of Android 21. Making her debut in the game as a mysterious scientist, she eventually serves as an incredible rival to the cast of iconic characters featured in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Her addition to the game made for an exciting and enjoyable experience for both newcomers and veteran players alike.

When it comes to things like combos and strategies, there’s no end to the possibilities. With a wide variety of characters from all three major titles in the series, everyone can find something that suits their playstyle. Combos are easy to pull off thanks to the responsive control mechanics and there’s a whole array of additional moves, like Special Arts and Super Kamehamehas, for all those flashy combos.

The content of the game is being supported by downloadable content (DLC) with new characters and stages being added at a steady pace. A lot of the extra content can be unlocked through the FighterZ Pass, which includes all the major DLCs released since the game's launch. Players can also get FighterZ Ultimate Edition to get access to all of the DLCs at once.

In addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ, there are also plenty of other Dragon Ball games available for both PC and console to enjoy. Of course, there are also some free titles, such as the fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ Unblocked. There's also the classic title Dragon Ball Tag Team Tenkaichi, where one can relive the classic adventures of the Z fighters. And if you're looking for something more traditional, then the latest installment in the Budokai series is the perfect option, as it features all the classic characters and transformations.

For fans of the franchise, the amount of options is staggering. There are games like Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit, which offer massive 3D battles, or Dragon Ball Super: Broly FREE, which follows the story of the titular character. But if you're looking for something more intense, then there are also games such as Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode and Dragon Ball FighterZ Edition, which feature complex mechanics and puzzles. No matter what your preference, there's a game for you when it comes to Dragon Ball.

For those who want to take the experience even further, FighterZMODS provides a variety of cheats, hacks, and tweaks for Dragon Ball FighterZ that promise to enhance the fighting game experience. These include custom characters, stages, and even obscure game mechanics, like Failed to Start Denuvo Driver. With these modding tools, Dragon Ball FighterZ can become a more immersive and satisfying fighting game.

Finally, the upcoming Goku patch promises to add the ultimate transformation, Ultra Instinct. It will also allow players to take on new challenges, such as unlocking Android 21's lab coat or competing in the Goku Strive challenge. Additionally, the patch will include UI updates and improved back-end mechanics, making the experience of playing Dragon Ball FighterZ smoother than ever. With this upcoming patch, Dragon Ball FighterZ is ready to become the premier title in the series.

Last updated: 2023-04-26

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