MathWorks MATLAB R2021a

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MathWorks has released MATLAB R2021a, the latest version of its powerful numerical computing language and environment. MATLAB 2021 provides new features and functionality across five major areas: data analytics and machine learning, data visualization, systems engineering, and application development. Among the new features in MATLAB R2021a is the MATLAB Symbolic Math Toolbox, a suite of functions that makes manipulating and computing with symbolic values much easier.
matlab symbolic math toolbox
matlab 2021

The MATLAB Symbolic Math Toolbox is designed to simplify working with equations and expressions that are expressed in symbolic forms. This toolbox enables users to perform symbolic math operations such as differentiation and integration, solve equations and perform numerical algebraic calculations. It also provides advanced plotting and visualization tools that help users to quickly understand their data. This powerful toolbox is used by researchers and engineers in a variety of fields such as aerospace, automotive, chemistry, finance, and engineering.
matlab symbolic math

MATLAB 2021 also includes improved support for data analytics and machine learning workflows. Machine learning capabilities now include automatic feature selection, hyperparameter optimization, and deep network training. In addition to improved deep learning capabilities, users can also create and analyze data visualizations with enhanced functions for plotting, labeling, and more. For example, users can now visualize the results of 3D simulations in multiple coordinate systems and use new interactive plotting tools.

MATLAB 2021 also provides improved integration with Python and C/C++ languages. This provides users with the ability to create applications that mix the functionality of both languages. For example, users can use Python to create scripts to run simulations and analysis operations, then use C/C++ code to process and visualize the data. The integration of these two languages allows users to develop powerful applications that help to streamline their workflows.

Overall, the new features and tools in MATLAB R2021a provide users with the tools they need to analyze and visualize data, create sophisticated applications, and build multi-language solutions. The addition of the MATLAB Symbolic Math Toolbox also makes it easier than ever for users to work with equations, expressions, and symbols in their projects. MATLAB 2021 is sure to be a hit with researchers and engineers in many different fields.

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