Bound By Love (v1.03 & Uncensored)

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Bound By Love is an interactive visual novel game developed by Artificial Curiosity and available for download. Players take on the role of the protagonist, a young woman who has recently been invited to the family home of her secret admirer. As the game progresses, players must make decisions and interact with characters to find out who their secret admirer is, and eventually decide if they truly want to be Bound By Love.
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The latest version, v1.03 & Uncensored, features an updated interface, additional characters, and modified endings. Version 1.03 contains all the original content from the prior versions without censoring any scenes. Players can expect to interact with a dozen characters, explore nine unique locations, and partake in a romance unlike any other in the visual novel genre.

Players also have the option to customize their character and choose how to present themselves to the other characters. With over 10 character portraits, 8 background music tracks, and 30+ items and clothing to choose from, players are able to create a unique experience that fits the story and their individual desires.

In the game, players must navigate the storyline with care and consult their own moral compass. As such, Bound By Love is recommended for adults aged 17 and above. Besides the attractive storyline and captivating gameplay, players are sure to dive headfirst into the compelling romance and heartwarming moments that are Bound By Love. So if you’re looking for a romantic visual novel adventure, download Bound By Love for all your love-stricken needs.

Last updated: 2023-04-26

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