Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts (v1.2.9)

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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts is an intense, strategic naval warfare game, developed by Killerfish Games. Players take command of a fleet of battleships, carriers, and more as they battle it out online against multiple opponents or through the game’s AI. It’s the ultimate game for any strategic naval war enthusiast.
ultimate admiral: dreadnoughts

In Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts, players are presented with a wide array of tactical options, from selecting their fleet composition to changing the firing strategy for each ship. Players can upgrade their ships, customize their crew and research powerful technologies, as well as unlock upgrades by completing special missions. Players can play solo missions either against the AI or against other people online, or choose to join teams for more complex, team-vs-team battles.

The latest version of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts (v1.2.9) includes a wealth of new features and offers some of the most exciting and realistic naval warfare yet. Players can experience the full breadth and detail of early 20th century naval warfare featuring over 100 ships, comprehensive information on warships and scenarios, realistic ballistics and penetration calculations, and much more. Players can also keep track of their naval careers, achievements and more via the game’s leaderboards.

Overall, the Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts experience offers the perfect blend of atmosphere and realism, making it a must-play game for fans of naval warfare. With its expansive possibilities and in-depth strategy and tactics, Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts is sure to give you the ultimate naval warfare experience.

Last updated: 2023-04-26

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