Heavyocity – Vocalise 3 (KONTAKT)

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Heavyocity – Vocalise 3 (KONTAKT) is an impressive and unique vocal production tool that provides a unique blend of vocals, pads and instruments. It features a wide variety of vocal samples, including male and female singers and some otherworldly sounds. The library boasts over 250 pads, leads, synth basses, arpeggios and vocal performances, as well as thousands of intricate rhythmic patterns and FX loops. Each sample can be used independently or combined with others to create new and innovative sounds. Additionally, you can use the included Kontakt engine to layer, edit and automate the sounds.

The Heavyocity – Vocalise 3 (KONTAKT) library provides an incredibly rich experience for creating modern vocal arrangements. You can shape and layer vocals using the powerful instrument mixer, allowing the user to tweak each sound to perfection. The library also includes over 400 unique vocal performances, allowing users to craft unique and captivating vocal lines. Moreover, the Kontakt engine allows users to add effects and modulation to their vocal sound, adding even more depth and complexity. Finally, the library includes hundreds of professionally crafted vocal phrases, allowing users to quickly and easily craft unique vocal melodies.

The Heavyocity – Vocalise 3 (KONTAKT) library is full of inspirational content and creative possibilities, making it an ideal choice for producers looking to make the most out of their vocal recordings. With its expansive library and powerful Kontakt engine, anyone can craft professional-quality vocal sounds in no time. Whether you're creating pop, hip hop, EDM, or any other genre, the Heavyocity – Vocalise 3 (KONTAKT) library is sure to have something to inspire you. Furthermore, the library is incredibly easy to use, allowing even novice producers to quickly create stunning vocal arrangements.

The Heavyocity – Vocalise 3 (KONTAKT) is available as a digital download, offering producers instant access to the library once purchased. For those who are not familiar with working with virtual instruments, the library also includes detailed video tutorials which provide clear and concise instructions on how to get the most out of the library. Additionally, the library is equipped with a flexible licensing system which allows producers to use the contents of the library in commercial projects.

Overall, Heavyocity – Vocalise 3 (KONTAKT) is an essential tool for any producer looking to create modern, captivating vocal arrangements. Its expansive library, powerful Kontakt engine and easy-to-follow tutorials make it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced producers alike. With its flexible licensing system, producers can use the library in commercial projects without worrying about copyright infringement. Consequently, the Heavyocity – Vocalise 3 (KONTAKT) library is perfect for any producer looking to take their productions to the next level.

Last updated: 2023-08-07

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