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If you want to be the ruler of your own civilization, CivNet is the perfect way to go. CivNet is a strategy game released in 1994 for Windows and Mac OS, where the player takes on the role of a leader of a civilization and must lead it to world domination. To make things easier, there are several cheat codes available that can give you an edge over your opponents.

The most popular cheat code for CivNet is “CTRL + ALT + C” which gives you unlimited resources and technology. This is great if you want to quickly build up your population or develop your cities. Another useful cheat is “CTRL + ALT + T” which gives you 1000 units of gold. This is great if you need to buy something quickly without having to wait for the money to come in.

The game also has a few hidden cheat codes that are not listed anywhere. One of these is “CTRL + ALT + E”, which allows you to instantly win any battle you enter. Additionally, there is “CTRL + ALT + S” which gives you all the technology in the game. If you use this cheat, it is important to remember to save the game before exiting or else the cheat will not work the next time you play.

There are also some cheats that allow you to manipulate the environment such as “CTRL + ALT + X” which changes the terrain around you. You can also use “CTRL + ALT + V” to change the climate of the game. These are great cheats if you want to make the environment more suitable for your civilization or if you want to make it harder for your opponents.

For those looking for an even bigger advantage, there are some cheats that can affect the AI of the game. “CTRL + ALT + F” will make the AI of the game more aggressive while “CTRL+ALT+Z” will make them more passive. This is great if you want to make the game a bit easier or if you want to challenge yourself.

Finally, there are some cheats that can do seemingly impossible things such as “CTRL + ALT + G” which gives you an instant victory. This is great if you’re stuck at a difficult level and want to move past it quickly. There is also “CTRL + ALT + B” which will skip through the entire game. This is great if you want to quickly get to the end of the game without having to play through it.

CivNet cheats give you a great advantage over your opponents and can really help you achieve world domination. With the right combination of cheats and strategic thinking, you can easily conquer the world with CivNet.

Last updated: 2023-08-07

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