Universe At War Earth Assault

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Universe At War: Earth Assault is a real-time strategy game developed by Petroglyph. In the game, three alien races battle for control of the Earth. The game offers an epic campaign with a single-player option, as well as an intense multiplayer mode. Players command infantry, air and ground units using a unique resource management system. With its advanced AI and custom graphics, Universe At War: Earth Assault stands out from the rest of its genre.
universe at war
universe at war earth assault

Universe At War Earth Assault free download comes with the entire game. This version allows players to enjoy all the features of the original game, including the story-driven campaign mode, skirmish missions and the innovative multiplayer option. The game runs on Windows XP and later versions and requires Microsoft DirectX 9.0 to be installed.

The game plays out in three parts. First, players battle their way through the game's single-player campaign, where they must construct a base and build up forces to fight against the enemy. Once they have conquered the single-player portion, they can move on to the skirmishes. In these battles, opponents will fight to the death for control of specific locations on the map. Finally, the multiplayer mode allows players to fight against each other over the internet or against computer-controlled opponents. The game features 23 different maps and a unique resource system that rewards quick thinking and aggressive tactics.
univeres at war

Universe At War Earth Assault is an exciting real-time strategy game that's sure to provide hours of thrill and excitement. With its unique resource management system and intense multiplayer mode, Universe At War provides a unique experience for all gamers. Download the trial version today and experience the thrill of Universe At War Earth Assault!

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