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Unsolved Crimes is a popular mobile mystery game that has become very popular in the gaming community. It involves a series of cases that you must solve, with each case taking place in a different location. For those who are stuck on any of the cases and need to know what to do next, this article will provide a walkthrough for both Unsolved Case Episode 1 and Unsolved Case Episode 2.
unsolved case episode 1 walkthrough
unsolved case episode 2 walkthrough

The first episode starts off with a young woman named Violet being found dead in a park. The player must search the area around the crime scene to find clues that can reveal the identity of the killer. Clues such as a bullet casing, a broken watch, and a cell phone can all be used to help the player narrow down their suspects. Once the suspects have been narrowed down, the player must interrogate each of them to get more information and eventually point to the right suspect.

In Unsolved Case Episode 2, the player must investigate the murder of an elderly man. This case is more difficult than the first one as there are multiple suspects and it’s not easy to determine who is responsible. As in the first episode, the player must go through the same process of finding clues, interrogating suspects, and narrowing down their list of suspects until only one is left.

For those players who are stuck on either episode, here is a Unsolved Case Episode 1 Walkthrough and Unsolved Case Episode 2 Walkthrough:

For Unsolved Case Episode 1, the player should start by searching the area around the crime scene and looking for any evidence that can help narrow down the suspects. Then, they should interrogate each suspect to get more information. Finally, they should analyze the evidence to pinpoint the killer.

For Unsolved Case Episode 2, the player should start by examining the crime scene and looking for any clues that will help them find out who is responsible. They should also speak to any witnesses who may have seen something that could lead to the killer. After that, they should question each suspect to uncover more details. Finally, they should analyze all the evidence to determine who is the killer.

These Unsolved Crimes cheats will help players make progress in both Unsolved Case Episode 1 and Unsolved Case Episode 2. With these hints and tips, players should be able to solve each case without too much difficulty.

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