Yamaha S90 ES v1.6 (KONTAKT)

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Yamaha’s S90 ES v1.6 KONTAKT has been a staple in digital and analog music production for decades. Designed to create high-quality soundbytes and sequences, this library has been a favorite for producers and audio engineers. Now, Yamaha has released this KONTAKT library for free, providing users with limitless creative possibilities.

Yamaha’s S90 ES v1.6 KONTAKT library features Yamaha’s iconic piano sounds and instruments, such as their renowned Motif XF and other classic samples. Users are able to create beautiful and realistic sounds from their own unique sampled voices and instruments. From lushly orchestrated ballads to heavy rock riffs, you’ll be able to bring your music to life with this powerful library.

The library also comes with a selection of preset patches, allowing you to quickly get started with creating and modifying your own sounds. With its intuitive interface, users can easily tweak and splice samples to create their own custom sounds. Additionally, this library is compatible with many samplers and sequencers, such as Steinberg’s Cubase and Logic Pro.

Yamaha’s S90 ES v1.6 KONTAKT library is sure to inspire music producers of all levels and styles. With its realistic samples and intuitive interface, creating captivating tracks has never been easier. Now, users can download the Yamaha Motif XF KONTAKT library for free and unlock the power of Yamaha’s v1.6 KONTAKT library.

Last updated: 2023-04-27

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