Just Shapes & Beats (v1.6.50)

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Just Shapes & Beats (v1.6.50) is a unique game combining the sounds of 8-bit styled EDM with a mesmerizing and challenging mix of Bullet-Hell-style action gameplay. This game is available for free download and free play for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms. Players must face off against a variety of colorful and intense shapes, dodging and weaving past hordes of enemies and bullets in order to survive. The game is packed with a variety of levels and settings and can be altered with various unlockable content.

JSaB, as the game is affectionately known, is extremely popular and offers up a ton of replayability through leaderboard contests and unlockable content. Players can share their favorite clips and screenshots with friends, taking on the challenge while competing for the top spot. Additionally, online and couch co-op are also available, allowing up to 4 players to team up and take on the game together.

For those who are new to the game, there is a special Just Shapes & Beats demo available with limited options. Through the demo, players can get a taste of the fast-paced action and intense visuals that the game has to offer. With budget gaming growing in popularity, a Just Shapes & Beats free download is a great way to experience the game without breaking the bank.

The game is also perfect for players looking to escape from the rowdy cityscape and relax with some tunes. With levels ranging from upbeat techno and bonkers synthwave to dreamy chillhop and textured ambient, Just Beats & Shapes has something for everyone. You'll even encounter unique challenges that can be unlocked with enough skill, making for a delightfully frenzied experience.

Fans of the original game are in luck too, as there is a Just Shapes & Beats unblocked version that can be played online. This version is designed to be more accessible with larger hitboxes, fewer bullets and an extra helping of hammers and sawblades to help out. With levels and settings increasingly more challenging, players must practice and hone their skills if they want to stand a chance against the increasingly-tough bosses.

The core Just Shapes & Beats game remains unchanged and is once again packed with all the features that the series is known for. There are a wide range of enemies and bosses to take on, and you'll also find an array of playable characters to select. With its tight controls, spectacular visuals and great soundtracks, JSaB remains an addicting and engaging experience to date.

Whether you're new to the series or have been playing since the very beginning, Just Shapes & Beats is the perfect way to pass the time. With its frantic, intense and vibrant gameplay, we think it's one of the best releases of the past year. So why not take advantage of the Just Shapes and Beats free download and get powerful thrills today?

Last updated: 2023-04-26

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