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Are you looking for Spyro the Dragon 2 Cheats to help you get through every level and collect all the orbs? You’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll provide a few tips and tricks on how to find orbs in Summer Forest and Autumn Plains, unlock codes for dragon orbs, and discover hidden paths in Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

First off, let's talk about orbs in Summer Forest. To find them all, start at the entrance of the world and head towards the large tree. On the other side of it, there is an orb hiding in plain sight. Keep going until you reach a bridge that leads to the Fairy World - here, you can find some more orbs on either side of the entrance. If you explore the nearby area, you should be able to find some more orbs in the caves and in the trees.

Spyro 2 cheats can also help you find mysterious orbs in Autumn Plains. Start by finding the first one just past the river. Jump up the tall tree with your supercharge ability and make your way to the top of the mountain to find more orbs. Then, head towards the castle and glide across the lake to find more orbs. Be sure to keep an eye out for any hidden paths or secret areas that can lead you to additional orbs.

Spyro Metro Speedway Orb is another hidden orb to look out for in Autumn Plains. To get it, use the supercharge ability to break open the wall on the left side of the speedway. Inside, you'll find the elusive orb. Don't miss out on grabbing Aquaria Towers All Seaweed too! This is an orb located near the bottom of the tower that requires some tricky platforming to reach.

One of the best Spyro 2 cheats for finding orbs in Autumn Plains is to use your hover ability. Hover around the map and explore all the nooks and crannies to uncover hidden orbs. Be sure to check out Fracture Hills too - there are plenty of orbs to be found if you know where to look. And if you're having trouble getting past Winter Tundra, use your codes for dragon orbs to unlock the gates to progress further.

Spyro How To Climb is a useful trick to remember when exploring the game. Jump onto the walls and use your climbing ability to scale them and find even more orbs. It's a great way to get around and explore previously unreachable areas. For example, use it to climb up Hurricos and discover the hidden Spyro Zephyr orb.

When it comes to Spyro Reignited Trilogy Cheats, Icy Speedway Orb is a must-have. It's located just outside the exit of the course, but you need to use your supercharge ability to break the ice and grab it. Just be careful not to fall off! Finally, if you're having trouble getting up the hill in Summer Forest World Spyro, use your hovering ability to give yourself an extra boost.

We hope these Spyro the Dragon 2 cheats have helped you find all of the orbs and collectables in the game. With these tips and tricks, you'll be collecting dragon orbs like a pro in no time!

Last updated: 2023-04-27

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