Sony Catalyst Browse Suite 2019

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Introducing Sony Catalyst Browse Suite 2019 – the industry-leading media asset management software for broadcast and media professionals. The latest version of the software provides a wide range of powerful tools that make it easier for professionals to organize their media files, streamline their project-based workflow and achieve better overall results.

Catalyst Browse Suite 2019 allows users to quickly search, organize and manage large-scale media assets from multiple distributed sources, including the cloud. This powerful tool simplifies the workflow and makes it easier to locate media and composite shots. It allows users to view and edit metadata and make quick changes to derivatives of asset materials.

The suite has been designed to simplify access to all types of media, regardless of format. It’s also able to ingest and convert a variety of formats into a common form. This makes it easier to hand off files between departments and work groups.

To make the media asset experience even more efficient, the Catalyst Browse Suite 2019 has included a number of options within its package. This includes a media player to view the media quickly and a proxy server to ensure a fast and reliable download.

Although some of the features require an additional purchase, the all-in-one Catalyst Browse Suite 2019 is an excellent solution for managing media assets. It makes it easy to get the job done without being bogged down by multiple applications.

For firms looking for a comprehensive media asset management package, the Catalyst Browse Suite 2019 is the perfect choice. With powerful tools and an intuitive interface, it's a surefire way of streamlining the workflow and improving productivity.

Last updated: 2022-06-24

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