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Tekken 3 cheats have become a staple in the gaming world since its release in 1998. From unlocking hidden characters to gaining special abilities and upgrades, Tekken 3 cheats provide players with an array of options that give them an edge over their opponents. For those looking to get the most out of the game, here are some of the best Tekken 3 cheats available:

Unlock Characters: One of the most popular Tekken 3 cheats is to unlock characters. To do this, you need to type in a specific code during gameplay. The codes vary depending on which character you want to unlock, so check online for the latest codes. Additionally, some cheat devices can be used to automatically unlock characters.

Gain Special Abilities and Upgrades: Another way to gain an advantage in Tekken 3 is to use cheats to gain special abilities and upgrades. These cheats range from giving your character increased strength or speed, to enhanced weapon power and unique attacks. Some of these cheats require a code to be entered during gameplay, while others can be accessed through certain cheat devices.

Unlimited Health: One of the most useful Tekken 3 cheats is unlimited health. This allows players to stay alive as long as they can, regardless of how much damage they take. This cheat can be accessed by entering a specific code during gameplay, or by using a cheat device.

Unlock Hidden Modes: There are many hidden modes in Tekken 3 that can only be accessed by entering a specific code. These codes can unlock bonus stages, alternate endings, and other secret features. Be sure to look up the correct codes online before attempting to unlock any hidden modes.

Cheat Codes and Devices: In order to access any of the above Tekken 3 cheats, you need either a cheat device or the correct cheat codes. Many websites offer lists of codes and devices for various versions of Tekken 3, so be sure to check online for the latest information.

Create Custom Characters: With the help of a cheat device, it is possible to create custom characters in Tekken 3. This lets you customize your character’s stats, moves, and even appearances. Be warned though, not all cheat devices support this feature, so be sure to check before buying one.

Unlock Arcade Mode: If you want to experience the classic arcade version of Tekken 3, you can do so by using a cheat code. This code will give you access to the original arcade mode, complete with all the original graphics and sound.

Unlock Bosses: Certain cheat devices allow you to unlock bosses in Tekken 3. This can give you an advantage when fighting against difficult opponents. Just be sure to read the instructions carefully before attempting to unlock any bosses.

Unlock Cheat Menu: Another great feature of certain cheat devices is the ability to unlock a cheat menu. This cheat menu will give you access to a wide range of options, such as unlimited health and special abilities. Be sure to look up the correct codes online before attempting to unlock the cheat menu.

These are just a few of the many Tekken 3 cheats available. Whether you're looking for an extra boost in your fights or just trying to experience the game in new ways, these cheats will give you an edge over your opponents. So grab a cheat device or search online for the latest cheat codes, and take your Tekken 3 experience to the next level.

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