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Tekken 2 cheats are an essential part of the gaming experience for many players. As the second installment of the classic fighting game series, it has become a popular choice for gamers to enjoy with friends and family. There are plenty of cheats available for Tekken 2 that can help players complete levels with ease or even unlock hidden content. Here are some of the most useful Tekken 2 cheats to have when playing the game.

One of the best Tekken 2 cheats is to use codes to unlock extra characters. These codes are easy to enter, so they’re great for giving players access to special characters or powerful moves that otherwise wouldn’t be available. Codes can also be used to give players infinite health, which can be incredibly helpful in some of the more difficult fights.

Another useful Tekken 2 cheat is to use save states. This allows players to save their progress at any point, so they can return to the game from the same spot if they die or make a mistake. Save states can also be used to skip tough levels or take shortcuts, making them invaluable for experienced players.

For those looking for an edge in a fight, Tekken 2 cheats can also be used to slow down opponents’ attacks. By entering a specific code, players can slow down their enemies’ reactions, giving themselves time to plan out their next move or land a powerful hit. This is especially useful against bosses or harder opponents.

Cheat codes can also be used to customize the stages in which players fight. These codes allow players to change the environment to make it easier or harder depending on what they prefer. Players can also activate special effects on the stages, adding an extra layer of challenge or fun to the game.

Finally, Tekken 2 cheats can be used to activate invincibility. If a situation gets too intense, players can use this cheat to ensure that their character isn’t damaged in any way. This can be especially helpful when trying to complete a level without dying.

In conclusion, Tekken 2 cheats provide players with plenty of options to make the game easier or more challenging. From unlocking new characters to customizing the environment, there are plenty of ways to get an edge in a fight or skip a tough level. With the right cheat codes, anyone can become a master of Tekken 2.

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