Adobe Speech to Text for Premiere Pro 2022

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Adobe recently announced a big update for Premiere Pro 2022, which includes a new Speech to Text feature. This powerful feature will allow users to quickly transcribe audio and video files into text using advanced speech recognition technology. This feature is part of Adobe's broader efforts to make Premiere Pro a more comprehensive and accessible video editing suite.
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The Speech to Text feature works by recognizing spoken words and then converting them into editable text. This means you no longer need to hire an expensive transcription service or spend hours manually transcribing an audio or video file. You can just let your computer do the work for you, and the results can be used right away in Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, or any other professional video editing software.
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Speech to Text is just the latest addition to Premiere Pro's range of powerful tools. With it, you can easily make transcripts of your footage, create captions, and even generate automated transcripts for educational videos. This makes it easier to create accessible videos for those with hearing impairments, or for those who simply prefer to read rather than listen.

In addition to Speech to Text, Premiere Pro 2022 also includes some other exciting features. A new Flicker Effect feature lets you add movement to your footage without any manual work. This allows you to create dynamic and engaging visuals quickly and easily. Another new feature is the Quicken Willmaker 2022, which allows you to create professional legal documents without any expensive legal help.

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Overall, Premiere Pro 2022 is a major upgrade that brings with it a wide range of new features and improvements. From the powerful Speech to Text feature to the Quicken Willmaker 2022 to the new Flicker Effect, Premiere Pro continues to become ever more powerful and user-friendly. This means you can create amazing videos faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Last updated: 2022-06-24

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