Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition (Incl. ALL DLC’s)

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Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition (Incl. ALL DLC’s) is the ultimate strategy game combining real time tactics and turn based empire management. It is a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed Total War: Rome I. Rome II includes all the DLCs released so far and upon its release in 2013 received numerous awards, such as Strategy Game of the Year.
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The game starts in 280 BC in the Mediterranean with the Roman Republic fighting enemies like Iberia, Carthage and the Hellenic League. It follows the growth of the Roman Empire until the Crisis of the Third Century in 260 AD. Players are given control of multiple historical factions and are tasked with creating and maintaining a powerful empire. They have to research technologies, manage infrastructure, negotiate diplomacy, domestically govern settlements and wage war across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The variety of tasks and challenges provides plenty of gameplay opportunities including free form sandbox mode, cooperating with other players, or competing against them in online battles. Rome II also offers an advanced tactical combat system ranging from siege warfare to naval battles. It allows players to upgrade and customize units and facilities, hire generals and units of unique specializations.

Total War: Rome II also includes a multitude of DLCs that further enhance the core gameplay. These expansions bring graphical improvements, in-depth scenes and extra characters to interact with. Included in the Emperor Edition, they include Caesar in Gaul and Hannibal at the Gates that focus on Julius Caesar and Hannibal, the Empire Divided, Nomadic Tribes and Imperial Sea that extend the conflict to a wider geographical range.

If you’re looking for a unique and intense strategy experience, Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition with all its included DLCs is definitely worth checking out. Available for free download on PC, Rome2 adds a plethora of new content to the already acclaimed game and receives regular updates.

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