NFL Quarterback Club 98 Cheats

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Are you a fan of NFL Quarterback Club '98? If so, then the 64 Club is the place to be. This club is filled with tips and cheats that will help you get the most out of your game. Here are some of the best cheats from the 64 Club: Unlocking All Teams - To unlock all 30 teams in the game, simply enter the code "GOTTEAM". This will immediately unlock all the teams for use in Exhibition and Tournament mode. Infinite Turbo - Enter the code "MAXTURBO" to activate infinite turbo for your quarterback. This means you'll be able to run and throw at an extremely fast speed. Increased Accuracy - If you want to make sure your passes hit their mark every time, type in the code "PERFECTPASS". With this cheat enabled, you'll never miss a target again. Increased Stamina - When you enter the code "POWERSTAMINA", you'll be granted infinite stamina for your quarterback. This will allow you to play longer without having to take breaks or rest as often. Big Heads - Not only is this cheat hilarious, but it's also incredibly useful. By entering the code "BIGHEADS" you'll be able to increase your QB's size, giving him an immense advantage over his opponents. This cheat is especially helpful if your quarterback has poor passing skills. Increased Skill Points - Need to build up your quarterback's stats quickly? Then the code "SKILLSPOINTS" is the one for you. This cheat will give you a massive amount of skill points to add to whichever stat you choose. Unlock All Playbooks - If you want access to every playbook in the game, then type in the code "PLAYBOOKS". This will instantly unlock all the playbooks for use in any mode. These cheats from the 64 Club will revolutionize the way you play NFL Quarterback Club '98. Whether you're looking to increase your QB's stats or just have some fun, these cheats are sure to help you accomplish whatever task you have in mind.

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