West Of Loathing (v1. & DLC)

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"West Of Loathing (v1. & DLC)" is an up-and-coming action RPG game available to play on Windows, Mac OS, GNU/Linux, and soon to be on Nintendo Switch. Those who purchase the game are able to experience Shadows Over Loathing IGG, a turn-based role-playing game based in the wild west world of Loathing. With a unique graphical style, humor, and fun and engaging combat, West of Loathing is a great game for all RPG fans.
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Shadows Over Loathing IGG allows for character customization, horse riding, and item collection. As a cowboy/cowgirl, you will journey around the world exploring towns, fighting monsters, and trading with other characters. Throughout your journey, you will collect parts and blueprints for items, allowing you to craft powerful weapons and armor to help you on your adventure. As you progress through the game, you'll also be able to upgrade your horse, allowing for faster travel between areas.
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The free West of Loathing game is deceptively simple. Players start with just two basic stats - Strength and Gumption - before going on to find and equip new items, learn abilities from skill books, and craft powerful weapons. The game also allows for full mastery over the player character, with the ability to pick out style, heads, and accessories to create a truly unique cowboy/cowgirl.

The Shadows of Loathing Switch version is expected to feature the entire game, yet with the release date yet to be announced, Nintendo users can expect a playable version in the very near future. With a new console to experience the game on, RPG fans have something exciting to look forward to.

West of Loathing Horses come in three breeds - Standard, Mustang, and Quarterhorse. While all three are wonderful riding mounts, Quarterhorses are the only ones that can join a fight. With each horse upgrade, you'll gain a better battle stat, and can equip them with saddle bags to increase space for items and crafts.
shadows of loathing switch

All in all, West of Loathing (v1. & DLC) is a fun and unique game able to be enjoyed by old and new players alike. With the Nintendo Switch version soon to be released, it will be the perfect addition to any RPG lover's game shelves. With the current version, players can experience Shadows Over Loathing IGG, customize their character and horse, and equip powerful items in the wild west world of Loathing.

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