Skater XL (v1.2.2.8 & ALL DLC)

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Skater XL (v1.2.2.8 & ALL DLC) is a the ultimate skateboarding game for anyone looking to have the authentic experience without leaving their home. It's available for free on the PC and is packed with content. Players can choose from hundreds of iconic skateboarding spots, thousands of customization options and countless ways to shred with friends or against the AI. The full package, including all DLCs, is Skater XL - a true to life skateboarding game that captures the essence of what it's like to skate in a virtual world.
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skater xl free pc

For those who liked skateboarding games in the past, Skater XL will not disappoint. It includes everything you would expect to find, including legendary pro-skaters such as Eric Koston, Tiago Lemos, Tom Asta and Evan Smith, who have all lent their talent to the game. Skater XL offers a variety of game modes, from the single-player ‘Career Mode’, to the online ‘Battle Mode’. There's also AI Skaters and Board Customization, which helps create unique and individualized characters.

Among the many ways to play for free, you can download Skater XL for free on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Speed, Style, Creativity and Risk are the 4 core elements that define Skater XL and players can expect to teleport to some of the most iconic skate spots in the world, ranging from the LA Riverbank, to the G27 Bowl and Harbor. The Skater XL soundtrack is made up of over 50 songs from 20 different artists, covering all genres from punk, to hip hop and rock.
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The realistic physics of SkaterXL's physics engine is what sets it apart from other skateboarding games. This allows for the unique movement possibilities that SkaterXL is known for – from manuals and reverts, to flipping over obstacles and performing kickflips. The game is incredibly intuitive, meaning no tutorial required, allowing gamers of any skill level to pick up the controller and start shredding right away.

Skater XL also features a global Skate Creator network, which allows players to share their skate parks or private sessions, with players from all around the world. Furthermore, all settings can be customized in the ‘Sandbox’ mode to set up a perfect session and calculate those epic tricks. Along with that, the new "Skater XL Baggy Pants" pack is the perfect way to customize a character, allowing players to piece together more than 50 items of clothing in different colors.

Finally, Skater XL has a price that's affordable for just about anyone. The game can be purchased for $25 (USD) on Steam or for $20 (USD) on the PlayStation Store. For those looking for a great skateboarding experience, it's hard to go wrong with Skater XL. It's the perfect choice for PC, Xbox and PlayStation gamers looking for authentic skateboarding thrills without leaving the comfort of their own home.
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