OkMap Desktop 2021

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OkMap Desktop 2021 is the latest version of the popular interactive mapping and routing application from OkMap. This software is designed to provide easy-to-use routing, map plotting and interactive maps for all outdoor activities, from camping and hiking to motorbike, bicycle and car navigation. With OkMap Desktop 2021, users are able to access an extensive range of maps, aerial photos and terrain elevation layers, create and export routes and tracks, plan trips, simulate real-time navigation activities and customize their own maps with markers, icons and photos.

OkMap Desktop 2021 features a fast and easy-to-use graphical interface with intuitive maps, detailed routes and track simulation. Users can plan optimized trips by filtering through and combining different map layers including terrain elevation, satellite photos, road networks and landmarks. The software is also able to export and import many types of documents, including KML Microsoft Maps format, GPX GPS Exchange Format, and BLN waypoints format.

OkMap Desktop 2021 offers a wide range of additional features designed to make the process of creating and using interactive maps easier and more enjoyable. Users can customize their maps by adding custom black and white markers or traditional icons, or even photos and other multimedia content. The software also allows users to use their own digital cameras for geotagging photos and creating vast digital photo collections. Additionally, the program provides the ability to save and share maps and online projects with other OkMap users.

OkMap Desktop 2021 provides an ideal platform for anyone who has an interest in outdoor activities and is committed to finding the best routes for their journeys. With the features included in this version of the software, users will be able to easily access and use the wide variety of mapping and routing tools available to take their outdoor adventures to a new level.

Last updated: 2023-04-27

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