UpGun (v1.1.5 & Multiplayer)

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UpGun (v1.1.5 & Multiplayer) is the intense and adrenaline pumping first-person shooter game from Swifty Siren Games. Players assume the role of a nameless, faceless warrior gunning for the top spot in an online arena of destruction. Players can join together in fast-paced multiplayer matches with up to 8 other opponents or challenge themselves in hardcore single-player campaigns.
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UpGun offers a thrilling and highly competitive online experience with a variety of dynamic maps, game modes, and a customizing character system. Players have complete control of their character from style of movements to weapons, equipment, and tactics. They must utilize their skills to collect points and power up their characters, while fighting off all sorts of enemies in intense gunfights, including a variety of zombies, robots, and aerial beasts.
up gun

The game also features a number of special effects, smooth graphics and the option of customizing a user’s controls and settings. Whether playing solo or as a team, UpGun is sure to provide hours of intense fun and endless enjoyment. Best of all, the game is available to play for free with the Multiplayer version.

Any player looking for a thrilling and intense shooting experience should definitely check out UpGun. With its entertaining and intense online matches, the UpGun Free version offers something for everyone. So pick up your gun and play UpGun online today!

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