Scorn (v1.1.5.1)

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Scorn (v1.1.5.1) is a horror-adventure game created by Ebb Software that has been gaining great traction lately. Players can utilize guns, tools and found objects to progress through a nightmare world full of biological horrors and hostile, barely understood machines.
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With Scorn, players explore disorienting interconnected regions in a non-linear fashion and use the environment to their advantage, unraveling the secrets surrounding the game's grotesque story. And for the lucky few, one might even be able to get a scorn free download which includes the full Scorn game. Whether or not the game is free on all platforms, however, remains to be seen.
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For those wanting to take an early look into the game, there is a demo version available to download as well. While playing through the game, players can expect to experience an oppressive atmosphere and a nightmarish style of art design, as well as puzzles to solve and scenarios to experience. The game also has its own unique style and meaning; Scorn features a wide range of biomorphic environments, and intricately crafted living functions and interlocked mechanised parts, which all create for an extravagant experience.

Of course, there are always some people who don’t quite get along with the game and some criticism has come up, including ‘scorn sucks’ from some players. Nevertheless, that doesn't stop someone from trying the game out and indeed as mentioned, one can still get the scorn download for free.
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For those who are looking for Scorn on the Steam platform, there might even be a Steam exclusive demo released shortly. Either way, it would be worth holding out to play the game, especially if one fancies an interesting horror-adventure game.

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