Lilitales (v1.04 & Uncensored)

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Lilitales is an interactive fiction visual novel game published by Libra Heart. This game follows the journey of an elf, Naler, and a dragon, Kleene, as they try to help those in need and protect their home, the Lilitales world. The game was first released in the West in 2017 and was recently updated to version 1.04, which features an uncensored version of the game.

The original version of Lilitales was a censored version, with scenes such as nudity, violence and other mature themes being removed or altered. The 1.04 update has now added the ‘uncensored’ version of the game, which includes all the adults themes and scenes that were originally present in the Japanese version of the game.

Lilitales features hand-drawn art, with beautiful environments and characters that add to the game's overall atmosphere. The music also helps to bring out the game's charm, with fun and upbeat songs playing throughout the adventure. The game features multiple routes and endings, giving players the choice of how they’d like to play the game and experience its story.

The game is a linear visual novel, with narrative-driven cutscenes and dialogues where players make choices that will ultimately shape the outcome of the game. Players can also gather items, perform tasks, go on side-quests and participate in mini-games in order to progress in their adventure. There are also achievements to unlock, and players will have plenty of content to explore in Lilitales.

The uncensored version of Lilitales provides a more detailed experience to all players, being more true to the original version of the game. It also adds depth to the narrative with the inclusion of mature themes. As the players navigate through the world of Lilitales, they’ll come to appreciate the world’s charm and its characters’ unique stories.

Lilitales is a great game for all visual novel fans, and its uncensored version adds more content to its already enjoyable narrative. Players can expect a great adventure full of fun, challenge, and plenty of choices to make, as well as exciting mini-games and interesting side quests. With its beautiful visuals, great music, and an interesting story, you can be sure that this will be a game you’ll never forget.

Last updated: 2023-04-26

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