Resident Evil 6 (v1.1.0 & ALL DLC)

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The sixth installment of the popular Resident Evil franchise is Resident Evil 6 (v1.1.0 & ALL DLC). This latest version of the game includes a variety of features that provide players with an unforgettable experience. Players can join their favorite protagonists, like Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, and explore the world of Raccoon City and beyond.The ability to play in split-screen mode on PlayStation 4 has been the primary feature that makes this version of the game a must-have for any fans of the series. Besides the ability to play in split-screen, the game also boasts many new online features that can be experienced, including online co-op and competitive play.
resident evil 6 split screen ps4
resident evil 6 steam

The game is easily accessible, both in physical and digital form. Players can purchase it on multiple platforms; for instance, Resident Evil 6 is available for purchase on Steam, allowing fans with Windows PCs and Macs to enjoy the game. Fans looking to grab it for their Xbox consoles can do so as well.

In addition, the game features a re-imagined version of the Resident Evil classic, Resident Evil 5, that supports split-screen play on PS4. This allows players to relive some of the best horror moments from the series, and the addition of a second player to the game makes it even scarier.

The latest version of Resident Evil 6 also allows players to go online and enjoy playing with others. Players can choose between different scenarios, like Mercenaries mode and Agent Hunt mode, to battle through Raccoon City and beyond. Players can also access both public and private lobbies to play with friends.
resident evil 5 split screen ps4

Playing online is also free, as players aren't required to pay to enjoy the online aspect of Resident Evil 6. The online elements of the game also offer an even greater level of challenge and replayability, making it worth revisiting the classic title.

Fans of the classic Resident Evil titles will be pleased to know that they can play their favorite characters, like Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, in the latest installment. Moreover, the ability to experience the game with a friend in split-screen mode adds a new level of immersion for the experience.

With the latest version of Resident Evil 6, players are sure to have an unforgettable experience. Those who are unfamiliar with the series can go online and discover why this long-running horror franchise is still going strong, even today. The ability to play in split-screen mode on PlayStation 4 and its free online play are just some of the features that make this version of the game truly shine. Fans of the series, old or new, should definitely pick up Resident Evil 6 to relive the horror of Raccoon City.

Last updated: 2023-04-26

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