Resident Evil 5 (v1.2.0 & ALL DLC)

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Resident Evil 5 (v1.2.0 & ALL DLC) is a single-player, co-op and split-screen action shooter horror game released in March 2009. It is among the most iconic franchises of all time, and its latest main installment, RE5, remains popular in 2020. With multiple all-new game modes, Re5 sets the bar for what a modern Resident Evil entry should be. It is available on PC via Steam as well as physical copies and on console platforms.
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The Steam version of Re5 offers native 4K Ultra HD graphics, 60 frames per second PC performance, and full controller support. With improved graphics and visuals, the Steam version makes for the perfect version of this classic game. The Steam version also allows for the usage of the Nucleus Coop app which enables online multiplayer in RE5 with up to four players.

Split-screen Resident Evil 5 PC is also available as of March 2021. Now players can team up with friends and family on their own PCs and face the ravenous hordes of infected in the world of RE5. With the Steam version of Re5, you can explore all the locations in the game including the infamous BSAA headquarters which is a staple throughout the Resident Evil franchise.
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Players can also choose how they want to play with the two protagonists, Chris and Sheva Alomar. There is much to love when playing Re5 due to the alternate playable characters, the co-op gameplay, the excellent voice acting and the visually stunning graphics. Steam version of Re5 also offers the much-awaited remaster of the game and with the additional DLC packs you can now experience more of the franchise.

While it is possible to play RE5 on PC, many users have experienced issue related to the game not launching on Steam. If you are experiencing this issue, you can resolve it by verifying the game's integrity on Steam and downloading the update files if necessary. Therefore, it is important to check the game files and software version before playing Re5 on PC.

The PC download size for Resident Evil 5 is 40GB which can be reduced by using the Resident Evil 5 Redux Mod that reduces the file size to 14GB. While Resident Evil 0 is a co-op title, Resident Evil 5 lacks the split-screen option which was also seen in the classic original. However, while playing the game on Steam, you can employ the use of the Nucleus Coop application to play the game with a friend.
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To play Resident Evil 5 on Steam is simple, just download the game, launch it on Steam and you are ready to start playing. If you are looking to play split-screen Resident Evil 5 PC, the Nucleus Coop application is an excellent choice. It is easy to set up, and all you have to do is have your friends connect to your game session by entering the authentication codes generated by Nucleus.

While there have been rumours about a potential remaster of Resident Evil 5 for the Steam platform in 2022, Capcom has yet to make an official announcement about the release date of the game. Until then, for fans of the franchise, the existing Steam version of RE5 is the best way to enjoy the amazing game world with friends and family.

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