Mentor Graphics QuestaSim 2021

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Mentor Graphics QuestaSim 2021 is the latest version of the popular digital simulation and verification, system-level and ESL modeling tool from Mentor Graphics. It provides the tools necessary to efficiently and accurately design, simulate, and test the most complex designs. The integrated testbenches, mixed language support, transaction-level modeling, third-party model integration, and industry-standard protocols are enhanced by the powerful and flexible development environment, allowing engineers to create and debug efficient designs faster than ever.

QuestaSim 2021 is designed to provide an intuitive and comprehensive user interface, support system-level applications, and improve the overall experience of Verilog users. Its intuitive graphical user interface makes it easy to understand and perform simulations, allowing designers to quickly debug and verify their systems. The addition of a new Testbench Modeling Editor and the ability to quickly model transactions streamline the process of creating and verifying test benches for designs.

QuestaSim 2021 offers the efficiency and accuracy of digital simulations, coupled with its advanced techniques for the simulation and verification of complex systems. The wide variety of capabilities allows designers to model different protocols at various hierarchical levels and mix hardware and software descriptions. QuestaSim 2021's testbench modeling allows designers to quickly and accurately simulate tests and verify the results.

The system-level design with QuestaSim 2021 supports industry standards such as IEEE 1364-2001 and SystemC. These systems can be developed and tested quickly and accurately, allowing engineers to rapidly bring new designs to market. The third-party model integration capability supports a wide range of industry-standard models, enabling designers to quickly incorporate the latest technology into their designs.

Overall, the QuestaSim 2021 simulation and verification tool makes it easier and faster for designers to optimize and verify their systems. With its powerful, flexible, and intuitive design environment and the addition of new features, QuestaSim 2021 is the choice for developing system-level and ESL applications.

Last updated: 2023-01-06

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