Across the Obelisk (v1.1.01 & ALL DLC)

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Across the Obelisk (now v1.1.01 of the PC version) is the Japanese-developed role-playing game that is successfully breaking through the RPG market in the West. This curious RPG comes with an energizing, exciting story and lots of content and mechanics that lures the players in its depths. All the assets of this game were created and developed organically by IGG, the game publisher, as a debut title for their Tokyo-based Studio.
across the obelisk
across the obelisk igg

Cross the Obelisk was initially only available for PC and was launched in the West via Steam (user reviews are mostly positive). IGG then released a Mac version, opening the doors of Across the Obelisk to a whole other level of role-playing aficionados. As a narrative-driven game, Across the Obelisk allows for a deep level of customization, with players being able to unlock all the characters and create their own story.
cross the obelisk

The game revolves around a mysterious obelisk that sends the players on an extraordinary journey to discover secrets and the fate of their race, while they also build relationships to gain power. To unlock all characters across the Obelisk, players need to complete various objectives and tasks. These objectives involve various strategic steps and decisions, as it requires players to form relationships with various NPCs and take on new quests, to ultimately find the right path and make the right choices in order to become victorious.

Furthermore, developers have expanded the in-game content with a range of DLCs that give players even more opportunity to enhance the game experience. This includes All-Story DLCs with additional stories, several character-driven DLCs and new action-packed dungeons. The All Story DLCs present exciting takes on the origin stories of the playable characters, allowing players to go even further in terms of unlocking all the characters and making their own stories.
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In its efforts to constantly innovate and expand the game’s content, Across the Obelisk igg released a version 1.1.01 update for the PC version of the game. This new update brings a multitude of gameplay updates and context-sensitive balancing tweaks. In addition, it gives players a significantly smoother and more intuitive combat experience.

Players would often ask ‘How to unlock all characters Across the Obelisk?’ In order to get the full experience out of this amazing game, they must complete objectives, form relationships and gain power. Players need to make strategic steps and decisions, take on new quests, explore their surroundings and ultimately go on an exciting journey with the help of the mysterious Obelisk. To further enhance their Across the Obelisk experience, they also can take advantage of the different DLCs and share their stories on the official Discord channel.

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