Ages of Conflict: World War Simulator (v2.1.1)

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Ages of Conflict: World War Simulator (v2.1.1) is an online strategy game that allows players to experience the intensity of world war. Developed by Redeye Games, Ages of Conflict has been acclaimed for its detailed battle system, accurate historical scenarios and its advanced AI war simulator. In this game, players take command of World War armies and fight on historical battlefields from the First to the Third World War (WW1, WW2 and WW3). The aim of the game is to capture key objectives, manage resources and build up military strength in order to achieve victory.
ages of conflict world war simulator
ages of conflict

At the beginning of the game, the ages of conflict world war simulator map is created and the player’s nation is unlocked. The map includes all major cities, airports, harbors, roads and railway routes and the objectives of the war. Players must fight to capture or defend strategic points on the map in order to gain control of resources, conquer enemy armies and gain tactical advantage. As the game progresses, players also have the opportunity to create alliance with other nations and trade resources.

Ages of Conflict: World War Simulator also offers an advanced AI war simulator that enables players to fight against a realistic enemy. Through the AI-controlled opponents and their armies, players can experience intense barrages and real-time engagements. A wide range of units and weapons are available for the player to build and command, from infantry and cavalry to panzers and bombers. Players can also customize their strategies and take control of the battlefield even further by using the world war simulation games’ interactive tactical system.
age of conflict

Moreover, Ages of Conflict allows players to compete in leaderboards and casual tournaments which are available to all levels of player experience. Age of Conflict: World War Simulator also features a unique “Awards” system that challenges players to achieve feats such as taking control of their chosen faction’s capital or defeating 25 enemy forces. In addition, the Ages of Conflict game store allows players to purchase upgrades and access new content.

Ages of Conflict: World War Simulator stands out as a must-play game for fans of WWII strategy. The game includes an excellent AI war simulator, an interactive tactical system and a unique Awards system. There is an exciting multiplayer experience available as players can join leaderboards and tournaments. The game store adds value by offering players upgrades and access to new content. And with its fully detailed battle system, realistic historical scenarios and detailed map, Ages of Conflict: World War Simulator is sure to attract world war fans from all over the globe.

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