Unfiltered Audio Needlepoint 2022

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Unfiltered audio needlepoint is a 2022 synthesizer release from music software makers Unfiltered Audio. It is touted as being powerful and easy to use, making sound design a breeze. The interface is compact and user-friendly, featuring a 16-step sequencer, a generous number of routable audio sources and intuitive editing options.

The synth has a wide array of sound shaping tools to explore with, allowing users to produce inspiring sounds. With the oscillator section, users can define complex shapes and timbres while further shaping their creation with the complex filter network or the integrated distortion & ring-modulation processor. The module can even be used as an effect processor with its flexible side-chain routing and built-in saturation saturator.

Unfiltered Audio needlepoint 2022 provides users with an endless library of sound-design possibilities, from analog-style synths to deep digital textures. Its two independent oscillators and extensive modulation capabilities make it an incredibly versatile machine. It also features presets from some of the most renowned sound designers and a comprehensive patch-sharing system.

The ability to integrate Unfiltered Audio needlepoint into a modular rack-mount system or use it as a standalone desk-top synth makes this release a powerful choice for anyone who wants to expand their sonic palette. Whether you’re a seasoned sound designer or a hobbyist who’s just getting started, Unfiltered Audio Needlepoint 2022 provides an inspiring gateway into the world of sound design.

Last updated: 2023-04-27

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