Rigid Audio – Plethora (KONTAKT)

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Rigid Audio – Plethora is a power pack Kontakt virtual instrument sample library produced by GSG Audio Design. Designed to bring your compositions to life, Plethora’s library alone has over 160GB worth of sounds including a wide array of instruments and effects. The library itself includes sub-libraries that range from Blues, Soul and Urban music to more modern melodic rhythms and bass sounds.
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The library is built on Kontakt technology, utilizing a comprehensive Kontakt intuitive user interface, allowing easy access and control of all the sound parameters. In addition, the library also includes Kontakt’s new built-in Vectric-powered tutorials. Not only do these tutorials introduce musicians to Kontakt’s powerful editing tools, but they also provide a platform for musicians to explore the endless possibilities that can be achieved through creatively combining sounds.
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The library also includes FX Sounds, allowing for some really creative sound designing. Additionally, it calls on’s own plug-ins for audio-reactive animations allowing users to create stunning visuals that really bring the music to life. To top it all off, Rigid Audio’s Plethora has some beautiful textured 3D visuals that help give it a modern and sophisticated look.

For anyone looking to take their music-making to the next level, Rigid Audio – Plethora is a must-have! With its powerful selection of sounds and ability to create stunning visuals, this product is a must have for any music producer looking to enhance their sound production. The combination of Vectric tutorials and Kontakt technology allows you to explore new possibilities and truly make your sound unique. It’s time to unleash your creativity – go get Rigid Audio’s Plethora!
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