Rigid Audio – Sore v1. 0 (KONTAKT)

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Rigid Audio's Sore v1.0 (KONTAKT) is an innovative and powerful tool for composers and filmmakers. This groundbreaking software offers a variety of features, making it easy for users to create original soundscapes and tense atmospheres.

Sore v1.0 (KONTAKT) is a virtual sonic playground for producers, composers, and sound designers, with an intuitive layout and a vast library of samples. It features 24 different low-end, mid-range, and high-end sounds from Massive and FM8, as well as a host of other orchestral and cinematic sounds. The sounds are layered with warped processing chains and a wide range of filters, EQs, reverbs, and delays, allowing users to achieve unique soundscapes. The tool includes over 400 presets and five master effects, making it easy to instantly create dynamic, atmospheric soundscapes.

Rigid Audio have created Sore v1.0 (KONTAKT) to be highly intuitive and user-friendly, so it is very easy to get started with. The software includes a library of intuitive automation, making it easier than ever to tweak your sound. Additionally, Rigid Audio’s team of experienced sound designers have crafted 99 different sound effects, all recorded in 32-bit/192 kHz quality, which can all be quickly manipulated from the intuitive user interface.

With all the features included in Rigid Audio’s Sore v1.0 (KONTAKT), it is clear that this powerful tool is perfect for gamers, composers, and filmmakers looking to take their sound design to the next level. With its intuitive user interface, vast library of samples, and powerful post-processing tools, Sore v1.0 (KONTAKT) is a must-have for any serious sound designer.

Last updated: 2023-04-27

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